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Understanding the health benefits of Shanti Steam Box

A-5000-year old holistic therapy.

In Ayurveda it's called a steam bath or swedana


Have you ever considered just how much your state of mind affects your health and well-being? The mind has a very powerful influence on your overall health, so its essential to maintain a regular state of relaxation, calm and tranquility.


Our soul, or psyche, is defined as those mental abilities that make us a living being: our reasoning, character, feelings, consciousness, memory, and perception. To attain harmony and clarity for longevity of life, we must find a holistic balance in all



To maintain homeostasis, which is to have stability and balance in health, it's essential to encourage the release of toxins and unwanted energies that assist in the natural function of perspiration, which enhances purity. 

The science behind traditional healing

Steam Therapy activates the body's natural cleansing process whilst promoting general health and well-being. Regular treatment can maintain a state of balance by;

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Stimulates circulation

Reduces stress + promotes relaxation 

Decreases your body’s production of cortisol which is the hormone that regulates the level of stress that you feel. When your cortisol levels drop, you feel more in control and relaxed. Spending time in a relaxed state not only improves your health, but also helps heal your mind, improving focus.

It can significantly improve your cardiovascular health. Improved circulation can lead to lowered blood pressure and a healthier heart and promote healing of broken skin tissue.

Clears congestion + aids in respiratory conditions 

Steam therapy creates an environment that warms the mucous membrane which encourages deep breathing, so it assist in breaking up congestion inside your sinuses and lungs

Assists in weight loss and burning calories 

By increasing your heart rate and metabolism which will aid in reducing the fat tissue present in the body helping to reduce overall weight. 


Handcrafted from the Earth’s natural elements

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