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Perfectly tailored to your home

 Shanti Steam Box is locally handcrafted in the coastal town Port Elliot, South Australia. It is easy to assemble and requires no plumbing - simply choose your favourite area to create the perfect environment for relaxation. 

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Compact and Easy to assemble  

Step-by-step instructions are included to ensure fast assembly, plus each purchaser will receive via email our easy-to-build instruction video.

Water resistance & durable

Handcrafted from highest quality marine ply hardwood for durability and performance in humid-wet conditions.   

100% Humidity and Warmth

The 2 litre 1000W Fumigation machine with smart remote control

has 9 levels of temperature for 

consistent steam flow  

Cost efficient

.Value for money, as it’s more affordable than installing a steam room or sauna and there are no hidden costs or tradesmen required.

Energy efficient

Fumigation machine is 1000W

and its energy consumption

typically costs 10 cents per hour!

Hand crafted with

non-toxic materials

We use plant based Osmo Timber oil which is eco friendly and penetrates the wood surface, protecting from deep within. 

Shanti Steam Box Dimensions 

Its compact design will fit easily where ever you choose within your home.

The 2000V Evaporator Machine sits on the right side and requires access to power, no plumbing required! 

Height - 1200mm

Width - 830mm

Length- 750mm


Handcrafted from the earth’s natural elements

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